This school featured a set of advanced lecture courses around the theme of gravity given by experts in the field. The courses were aimed at advanced graduate students and young postdocs with a strong interest in the theoretical aspect of gravity and applications of the theory to modelling the universe.

The school was co-organised by CEICO, a centre in the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences for research in cosmology, gravity and fundamental physics and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. We brought eminent lecturers from the global community and hope to foster a diverse audience. There was limited space for the presentation of a poster, but no submitted talks by participants were planned.

There was no registration fee, and participants arranged their own accommodation (see Venue).

You can download the Gravity@Prague 2022 poster in low resolution.



You can view the recordings of the lectures on our Youtube channel.

Claudia de Rham
Imperial College London
Effective Field Theory of Gravity: Video
Roberto Emparan
ICREA and U. Barcelona
Advanced Black Holes: Video
Notes: Part I Part II Part III
Marc Henneaux
U. Libre de Bruxelles
Asymptotic Structure of Spacetime
Slides Video
Veronika Hubeny
UC Davis
Holography: Video
Luis Lehner
Perimeter Institute
Numerical Relativity: Video
Malcolm Perry
DAMTP, Cambridge
Black Holes: Video


We had a programme of five hour-long lectures per day, from 9:00 until 17:00. Coffee and lunch were be provided.

Click on the individual lectures for recorded video.

8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-9:00 Welcome
10:05-11:05 EFT I EFT III EFT IV Holo II Holo III
11:05-11:30 COFFEE
11:30-12:30 BH II NR I NR III NR IV ASoS
12:30-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-15:30 Posters Holo I ABH I Posters Holo IV
15:30-16:00 COFFEE
16:00-17:00 EFT II NR II FREE ABH III Closing


There will be two poster sessions during the school, Monday 19/09 and Thursday 22/09.

The poster abstracts can be found here.

The posters can be seen here.

Venue and Accommodation

Lectures will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Troja, Prague 8.
We will not be offering a hybrid component or remote presence during the school.

The closest bus stops are Pelc Tyrolka (bus line 112) and Kuchyňka (bus line 201). The closest station is Nádraží Holešovice, reached by the Metro Line C (red line) and several tram lines, from which one can take the bus 201 or walk about 1.5km across the Troja Bridge (Trojský Most) or the Bridge of the Barricade Fighters (Most Barikádníků). Google Maps has the Prague public transportation timetables and can be reliably used to gauge travel time when choosing accommodation.

Participants are expected to arrange their accommodation; we recommend to book your stay well in advance as September is still high season in Prague.

Tourist information about Prague and the Czech Republic can be found on many comprehensive resources online, such as Wikivoyage (Czech Republic and Prague) and the official Prague tourist website. More about events and culture in Prague can be found on expats.cz and GoOut.


A social dinner will be held at Pavilon Grébovka at 19:00 on Wednesday 21 September. Google Maps directions are here.
This event will be free to participants. Significant others are welcome at own cost (1000 CZK, payable during the school before the dinner).


Shohreh Adbolrahimi CalPoly Pomona
Sergio Ernesto Aguilar Gutierrez KU Leuven
Emma Albertini Imperial College London
Itziar Aldecoa Tamayo University of Sussex
Giulio Audagnotto MPI, Nuclear Physics
José Barrientos Institute of Mathematics, CAS
Marianthi Bataki University of Cyprus
Niklas Becker Goethe University Frankfurt
Bruno Bento University of Liverpool
William Beordo University of Turin
Benjamin Berczi University of Nottingham
Barbora Bezdekova MFF, Charles U., Prague
Jíri Bičak MFF Charles U., Prague
Will Biggs University of Cambridge
Andrea Calcinari University of Sheffield
Pietro Capuozzo University of Southampton
Claudia Caputo MFF, Charles U., Prague
Nicholas Carabine CEICO, FZU, Prague
Mattia Cesàro ITP, UAM, Madrid
Kabir Chakravarti CEICO, FZU, Prague
Samarth Chawla Arizona State U.
Calvin Chen Imperial College London
Aindriú Conroy Charles U., Prague
Daine Danielson University of Chicago
Marina De Amicis NBI, U.Copenhagen
Mariaveronica De Angelis University of Sheffield
Héloïse Delaporte CP3-Origins, SDU, Odense
Saraswati Devi IIT Guwahati
Sumit Dey IIT Guwahati
Robin Fynn Diedrichs Goethe University, Frankfurt
Emanuele Dondoglio U. Padova
Amel Durakovic CEICO, FZU, Prague
Robin Eappen Astronomical I., Charles U., Prague
William Emond CEICO, FZU, Prague
Evelyn-Andreea Ester NBI, U. Copenhagen
Despoina Farakou Charles U., Prague
Shaun Fell Heidelberg U. & ETH Zurich
Pedro Fernandes QMUL, London
Joakim Flinckman Stockholm U. & OKC
Edwin Genoud-Prachex Goethe U., Frankfurt
Serena Giardino MPI Gravitational Physics
Lorenzo Giombi Helsinki University
Dražen Glavan CEICO, FZU, Prague
Kaihua Guo Chuo University
Filip Hejda CEICO, FZU, Prague
Tongtong Hu QMUL, London
Tamanna Jain DAMTP, U. Cambridge
Sumer Jaitly Imperial College London
Eivind Joerstad Perimeter Institute, Waterloo
Caroline Jonas AEI, Potsdam
Jason Joykutty University of Cambridge
Róbert Jurčík MFF, Charles U., Prague
Karol Kampf MFF, Charles U., Prague
Pavel Kůs CEICO, FZU, Prague
Ali KSZ Hassan University of Helsinki
Jani Kastikainen APC, Université Paris Cité
Eliška Klimešová Charles U., Prague
Šimon Knoška MFF, Charles U., Prague
Ivan Kolář University of Groningen
Jan Kożuszek Imperial College London
David Kokoška MFF, Charles U., Prague
Petr Kotlařík MFF, Charles U., Prague
Musfar Kozhikkal U. Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Rosa-Laura Lechuga-Solis ICN, UNAM
Rafael Robson Lino dos Santos CP3 - Origins, Odensee
Marek Liška MFF, Charles U., Prague
George Long QMUL, London
Diana Lopez Nacir University of Buenos Aires
Kris Mackewicz University of Chicago
Mariem Magdy Ali Mohamed QMUL, London
David Maibach Heidelberg U. & ETH Zurich
Krinio Marouda CENTRA, IST, Lisbon
David Matejov Charles U., Prague
Marica Minucci QMUL, London
Paola Carolina Moreira Delgado Jagiellonian University, Cracow
Anna Morozova CEICO, FZU, Prague
Robyn Munoz ICG, U. Portsmouth
Jørgen Musaeus School of Mathematics, U. Edinburgh
Sotirios Mygdalas Perimeter Institute, Waterloo
Ruggero Noris CEICO, FZU, Prague
Marcelo Oyarzo Universidad de Concepcion
Ogan Özsoy CEICO, FZU, Prague
Emanuele Panella University College London
Mak Pavičević MFF, Charles U. Prague
Christian Peterson Bórquez CENTRA, IST, Lisbon
Daniele Pica NBI, Copenhagen
Vojtěch Pravda Mathematical Institute of CAS
Alena Pravdová Mathematical Institute of CAS
Tomáš Procházka CEICO, FZU, Prague
Jury Radkovski McMaster University
Sabir Ramazanov CEICO, FZU, Prague
Jaime Redondo Yuste NBI, Copenhagen
Tales Rick Perche Perimeter Institute & U. Waterloo
Daniel Rod MFF, Charles U. Prague
Paolo Rossi CEICO, FZU, Prague
Rome Samanta CEICO, FZU, Prague
Canberk Sanli Bogazici University, Instanbul
Robert Sansom QMUL, London
Miika Sarkkinen University of Helsinki
Martin Schnabl CEICO, FZU, Prague
Sebastian Schuster MFF, Charles U., Prague
Sauvik Sen Shiv Nadar University
Julius Serbenta CTP, PAN, Warsaw
Sergi Sirera Lahoz ICG, U. Portsmouth
Viktor Skoupý Charles U., Prague
Thomas Spieksma NBI, U. Copenhagen
Aravindhan Srinivasan MFF, Charles U. Prague
Florian Steininger University of Vienna
Benjamin Suzzoni University of Southampton
Wai Hong Tam University of Helsinki
Matias Torres U. Naples
Jaroslav Trnka UC Davis
Georg Trenkler CEICO, FZU, Prague
Leonardo Trombetta CEICO, FZU, Prague
George Turner IMCAS, Charles U., Prague
Petr Vasko IPNP, Charles U., Prague
David Vokrouhlický MFF, Charles U., Prague
Gideon Vos CEICO, FZU, Prague
Robert Weinbaum University of Chicago
Raphaela Wutte TU Wien
Victor Zhang University of Chicago
Juxhin Zhuleku CEICO, FZU, Prague
Thomas Zlosnik CEICO, FZU, Prague



If you have any questions, please contact us by email at gravity-prague@fzu.cz


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